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To email, use the first initial from the person's first name followed by their last name @horseheadlake.org.  For example John Doe would be JDoe@horseheadlake.org.  We have posted the email addresses in this manner to prevent spam issues.

Zone FIRST NAME LAST NAME LAKE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP PHONE Email Address @horseheadlake.org Board
5 Gary Swier 14134 Percy Dr. Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-8856


6 Kathy Battle 9752 Pike St. Mecosta MI 49332 989-620-0071


7 Jerry Devenbaugh 8932 Lake St Mecosta MI 49332 517-614-1289


7 Barbara Yount 14460 90th Ave Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-5117 BYount Sec
6 Gary Lough 8308 Hell Kettle Ct Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-2328 GLough BM
3 Fred Kuebler 8261 Colgrove Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-0312 FKuebler BM
2 Dick Tice 14251 E. Horsehead Lake Dr. Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-2433


9 Jim Osbourn 8892 Bass Street Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-4971 JOsbourn BM
6 Bob Forche 8764 Pike St. Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-2889 BForche BM
7 Bob McCauley 14328 Park Drive Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-7890 BMcCauley BM
3 Dom Theodore 14550 E. Horsehead Lake Dr. Mecosta MI  49332 231-972-0204 DTheodore BM
3 Paul Smith 14635 E. Horsehead Lake Dr. Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-8104 or 517-668-6595 PSmith BM
3 Mike Vagnetti 8393 N. Horsehead Lake Dr. Rodney MI 49342 231-972-1151 MVagnetti Treas
2 Bud Uschuk 8386 Hells Kettle Ct. Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-2101 or 517-663-4112


7 Tony Fleszar, Jr. 9040 Viginia Dr. Mecosta MI 49332 231-972-7916 TFleszar BM

Updated 8/2013 

Horsehead Lake Association

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Mecosta, MI 49332

Email: Information @ Horseheadlake.org

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